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HOPE- Spring Newsletter 2023

Hi there! We hope you are doing well and blessed.

Our family is doing good, a lot has happened in the last 2 months. So we invite you to grab a coffee or water if you may. Enjoy the reading.

Let's start with Romania:

  • Rozanne's mom group is growing and we are so happy to see this. As we have mentioned before, this mom's group provides a safe and cozy time for mothers to fellowship and to share their feelings, and challenges, encourage each other, and have a good time together. Sometimes they come together in a park with their children if it is nice weather, otherwise, they would come together in a coffee house or a house.

  • The church planting in the gypsy village of Corbesti, together with our YWAM team, is going well. People are hungry to know about God and this is beautiful to see. They don't know how to pray, and some of them even feel afraid to pray, so step by step we are teaching and encouraging them to do it, as a way to develop a relationship with God. Our goal in this village is to make disciples as Jesus has commanded us in Matthew 28. In the long term, we hope to see the locals taking over the church.

Now, let's talk about Ukraine:

During the spring and beginning of summer, I (Alejandro) did trips to Ukraine to bring humanitarian aid and to share the gospel of Christ. What you will read next are different stories of each trip.

  • We are very happy that we could donate a forklift to Ukraine to be used to help unload the trucks with donations. Many of them bring everything in Pallets and they are very heavy to take everything by hand and consume a lot of time. Thank you to Stichthing VDH for this donation! Praise God for His provision and love!

  • While in the city of Nizhyn, Northeast of Kyiv. I was asked to preach in a local church. I shared my testimony and how God chose the lowly of this world to shame the wise, etc. Man... The Holy Spirit was amazing! It was such a sweet presence! We also went to give food to a village that was occupied last year by Russia. We prayed for people and God did what only He can do, transform hearts. One lady has been in depression because her nephew (who she raised as a son) was killed in the Frontline. For months she didn't talk to people or get out of the house, she would cry the whole day. I had the chance to pray for her with Sergei. Her whole face changed. She went out taking us to neighbors! Telling them that they needed to be prayed for. She came alive! The local pastor was in awe of what was happening. It was beautiful! Another grandma has never met anyone from another country before in her life and when we meet she felt so thankful and honored that even someone from another land cared for them and came to show Jesus. She was excited. I say this not for my glory, because, come on you know me I am a work in progress... Way too much progress to go haha, but God is so good and He is the glory. Yes, we had lots of air alarms, especially here where I am at. Just this night the alarm went off for more than 3 hours and some cities were hit. But, I don't regret coming here, God gave me so much peace and rest. Just want to remind you, there is hope in the midst of chaos and God is caring even in the storms.

  • While in the city of Lviv, Ukraine. On a Monday morning at 4 am. I and the children of the orphanage where I stay were woken by the air alarm. Russian drones (-kamikaze drones-these drones explode against the targets) were flying over the city, we all ran downstairs to the kitchen where the kids lay on chairs and mattresses trying to sleep. While in the kitchen we heard the doors shaking up above. One drone impacted close to our area and the explosion was felt. I went out to see if it was in the surroundings and then BOOM! Just like out of a movie, another explosion. After 10 minutes, we could hear the air defense shooting at the drones and 10 seconds later we heard the loudest explosion. It was nearby. This has been the most intense experience in my life, but still, I felt at peace. God has shown us again, that He is our hope.

  • This was the same orphanage I stayed in the first time, as I mentioned in the last newsletter. I develop a strong connection and father's heart for these children the first time I met them. Was just like God was expanding my heart towards them. After seeing their reactions in fear, panic, and crying because of the bombings, I knew we needed to take these children to a safe place. This is not life for children. After God opened many doors in a really quick time and a friend was able to host the children here in Romania. There are 25 children coming! Praise God! Talking with my friend, he mentioned that he needed help, he needed someone to be the director of the orphanage and oversee the well-being of the children. After praying and asking God for confirmation, we received it. We said YES to God. Now the paperwork for the children to come has begun, and we are expecting them to be here in the next weeks, depending on how fast they are able to receive the papers. God is hope and He opens ways in amazing ways. You might wonder, for how long will they be here? The minimum period would be at least 1 year, until it is safe for them to go back to Ukraine, which could take years. No one knows how long the war will continue. Also, we want you to know, that this wont interfere with the work we are doing here in Romania

  • As well, yesterday, a good friend of mine and a pastor from Ukraine came to Romania with his family. For safety reasons, I won't be mentioning his name. He is Russian, and his wife and 3 children are Ukrainians. He has lived in Ukraine for 20 years, but he hasn't been able to get Ukrainian citizenship, because of the actual situation with the war, it would be nearly impossible for him to receive it or even difficult to extend his residence card. Going back to Russia is NOT an option for him and his family, because, he could be put in jail for at least 15 years or "disappear" for helping and aiding Ukrainians and the Ukrainian army, as well as posting against the Russian invasion on social media. For this reason, they came to Romania, and thanks to God and His favor, they all were granted temporary protection by Romania! Praise God! Again, our God is The God of Hope.

Pray with us for:

  • The mothers grow in their relationship with God and can see the peace and strength of God in their motherhood.

  • The people of Corbesti that all fear be cast out by the love of God and the awakening of the desire of God in the neighbors.

  • The peace in Ukraine and safety for its people.

  • All the paperwork for the children to come to Romania.

  • Financial provision for the family of the pastor, to be able to cover the rest of their needs.

  • Our family, that God gives us wisdom, strength, power, and peace, to keep following Him and doing what He is asking us to do.

As full-time missionaries, we don't get a salary to cover our personal living and ministry expenses. If you wish to partner with us to be able to sustain our family here in Romania and keep working for the Lord and helping people, you can click Donations, please specify if your donation is to support our family or our work.

Thank you for reading,

God bless you.

Pictures (slideshow) below.

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