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We are Alejandro, Rozanne en Naära and we are missionaries in Romania. We believe that God has called us for this the country and that people that live here. We both have experience as missionaries in different countries, but since 2017, our calling has been for Romania.

We have had the honor to serve the Roma (Gypsy), Romanian and Hugarian communities with our work here in Romania.

Our commitment is on long-term and sustainable help to those in need.

As missionaries we dont get a salary/payment, so if you would like to partner with us and our ministry we invite you to click here.

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To follow Jesus' example of love and compassion for the broken people, by being an extension of
God’s kingdom in order to bring them the hope of Christ and a better quality of life.
To help people to self-improve their lives (out of poverty) in a sustainable and responsable way.
To provide a safe shelter for people who are at risk, in order for them to heal and integrate
back into society.
'So, I am happy to give everything I have for you. I will even give myself for
you'. 2 Corinthians 12:15

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Working with small groups of discipleship.

Provide free educational skills for those who have not be giving a chance.
Provide a safe physical place, and working together with professionals in order to give people who are in risk situations the needed help to reintegrate into society. This will be a temporary place in which they
can stay in order to restore their lives without the factor of constant danger.

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Our goal is to see people live's being changed in the spiritual and in the natural by getting to know Jesus.

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  • President: Leender Leon van den Dool

  • Finances: Esther Jonker

  • Secretary: Judith Aafke Jacqueline Blom - Rullman

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