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A Year Of Goodness

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Happy December to you all! We hope you are doing well.

We want to begin by saying thank you to all of you who have prayed, encouraged us and, financially supported the ministry and work we do.

We have seen God’s faithfulness in our work, and we are joyful with the fruits:

The church in Corbesti (Gypsy village) is growing, every month we hear of new people coming to faith and encounter the love of God. As I have mentioned before, this is a big victory; the reason being, the difficulty of getting through the cultural differences and being able to speak to their hearts. But, God once again, shows us that He is faithful and loving to impact hearts independently of the language, culture, and background.

We received from a Dutch organization many Christmas packages that will be distributed to the families of this village. Thank you so much for the packages, we believe these families will be and feel blessed!

We made our last trip to Ukraine in November, and it was beautiful! We realized a youth conference on sexuality, the dangers of pornography, God's vision for marriage and sex, etc. We believe that as a church we have to address these topics, because if we don't teach God’s ways on sexuality in a time in which sex has been negatively promoted on social media, the youth will find answers somewhere outside of the church, and those answers tend to be the wrong ones.

As well, as a marriage seminar, it was powerful and life-giving and we know it brought healing to so many families.

As well, we donated more than €10,000 worth of warm clothing for the winter to displace people inside Ukraine, and also to an orphanage in Lviv. Big thanks to a Dutch organization for the donations.

We also donated €1000 to the church in Lviv to help cover some of their project expenses.

We want to especially thank family, friends, and Mpic (Meeting Place International Church) for making this trip to Ukraine possible, May the Lord bless you abundantly!

se families will be and feel blessed!

This month brings the end of 2023, and it has been a GOOD year! As a foundation and missionaries, we have seen God’s grace, love, care, and faithfulness in ways we never imagined.

This year, we (you as well) have accomplished the following:

  • Planting a church in a gypsy village and baptizing 5 people. Expanding the gospel in the village and a positive influence on the families.

  • Growth in the church in Targu Mures.

  • Creating new, more and deeper connections between the moms of the mom squad.

  • Supporting Ukraine with:

    • Forklift,

    • Fuel.

    • Water boiler, and radiators for orphanages around Ukraine.

    • Hundreds of medicines.

    • Hundreds of clothing pieces.

    • Food and water.

    • Ministry activities for the local church and youth.

Those 3 points have been a blessing for hundreds of people, and you have been a blessing for each of them. Your prayers and your giving have carried this ministry through all this year. Thank you for your trust. We feel deeply thankful to God and you. We can’t wait for the next year and what God has in storage for all of us! (Pictures below).

Besides all the ministry we do, we are also still a family. We are doing good! We just had both of our parents coming over to visit, it was nice to be able to spend time with them, especially for Naära to be with her grandparents. As we enter into the new year we are full with excitement and expectations for our new family member to arrive! We want to ask you to pray for this baby and for the pregnancy (Rozanne is experiencing a lot of physical pain, so please pray for relieve of this) and for a smooth and easy birth. We are looking forward for this new year and all that God has in store for our family and ministry. But for now, we just want to:

wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! God bless you.

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