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Ukraine April 2023

Hello friends! We hope you are all doing well, and if you are going through a hard time we pray that the peace and favor of the Lord be upon you.

We want to tell you that our Christ has risen! And with Him life in abundance and our hope of salvation. Let’s remember this not only this Easter week but daily. We hope you celebrated in companionship with your beloved ones.

Here in Romania, we are excited for the coming weeks, together with our ministry we will be pioneering a new church in a gypsy village called Corbesti. We know that God will do great things in this community.

We also want to share with you, that Alejandro went to Ukraine for an entire week. He was bringing donations but at the same time helping a local church to make more than 200 bags of food for refugees in Lviv and more than 700 boxes of food and hygiene products for the people (military and civilians) on the frontlines of the war.

These 700 boxes are taken by church volunteers from Lviv to the East side of the country, a few kilometers behind the front lines, a trip of approximately 15 hours by car one way, which means 30 hours total.

While meeting people, I (Alejandro) got to hear many stories, heartbreaking ones…. At this point, everyone knows that this war has impacted Ukraine economically, and socially, but the worst impact is the killing of innocent lives such as children and adults. People who are sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers to someone. (writing this down and remembering the stories and pictures showed bring tears to my eyes - Alejandro-).

During his time in Ukraine, He stayed in an orphanage. This orphanage has 25 children from the age of 4 to 18. Most of the children had only one parent and their living circumstances were terrible, from addicted parents to old houses with no ceilings. He will continue to show God’s love to these children on each visit.

We also want to tell you that Alejandro has committed to visiting Ukraine monthly, for a week or 10 days, helping the local church and the people. As well next month in May, he will travel to the East Side, just 100km (62 Miles) from the frontlines bringing hundreds of boxes of food for refugees who have lost everything.

We want you to know that we depend on donations to be able to cover the cost of our missionary work in Romania and our future trips to Ukraine.

We want to invite you to partner monthly financially with us so that together we can keep helping people and expanding the gospel of Christ. We can’t do this alone.

If you would like to donate:

PayPal: @AlejandroandRozanne the account is in name of Rozanne Talitha Schuur.

Or Bank transfer to our bank account: NL92BUNQ2068656299 (ANBI) in the name of Stichting By Faith We Walk or click this link

God bless you!

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