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Newsletter September 2022

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Hello there, glad you are here!

We hope you are doing well. We are doing good and exited for the coming days!

Three months ago we told you we were searching for a place to begin the wood worshop (place we want to open to give free educational skills). We have found it!

Even though it has been a lot of work because it needed so much clean up and hard work (as you can see in the pictures) we have manage to clean all up and build an entrance, the next step will be painting. At the moment we are fundraising to buy the tools, so can we can start making furniture in the workshop. We need €5000 in order to refurbish furniture. This means that we buy old/second hand furniture and give them a complete brand new look. Eventually we want to make our own unique furniture pieces from scratch. For this we need €15000 for all the tools to work with hardwood. Our goal is that it can become a self-sustainable project.

Would you like to help us reach this amount of money?

As well, we have continue our support to Ukraine, we were able to donate €1000 in medicines, food and many other supplies

We continue developing relationship in the Gypsy (Roma) neighborhood of Corbesti, in which we partner together with YWAM Targu Mures. Our team have been able to bring audio Bibles in hungarian language (this is a Hungarian speaking village) and it has been a huge blessing for many of them, we have heard stories already about how much it has impacted their lives. Many of them do not read nor writte, then forth the audio Bibles are an amazing blessing.

We kindly ask you to keep us and our work in your prayers.

Thank you for reading and keep up to date with our work.

If you feel to give, visit

One last thing, we invite you to sign up for our newsletter, so you'll get an email when we post again.


Alejandro, Rozanne and Naära

Foundation By Faith We Walk

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