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Newsletter December 2022

Hi! We are glad that you are here and we hope you are well.

We are doing good, it has been a time of new beginnings, letting things go, and readjusting. A time of trusting God.

As we told you in September, we were looking to start a wood workshop, sadly this won't be happening at least for this time. The reason for this is that we weren't able to fundraise the money necessary for this project. Nevertheless, our desire to provide education and skill to people is still alive but may happen differently.

What have we been up to?

We are happy to tell you that we in partnership with our church (here in Romania) started a community center/cafe. We are thankful to the youth group and missions department of Pinkstergemeente Sjaloom Heerhugowaard (Netherlands) for their donations in order to buy the proper equipment necessary.

This is an open space for people (Christians and non-Christians) to feel welcome and where Jesus is reflected through us, conversations, art, and of course good coffee. We don't want them to see this place as they may think Christianity may look like but, we want they can see who Jesus is, even in the most unexpected ways. It is also a place where many students come and study/work and where we offer workshops. All this is free of charge!

As well Rozanne's continues to meet every week with her moms squad group which is growing in number and fellowship, as we told you before, this is a group where moms can come and connect, express and build one another up.

Together with our church we receive a donation from USA for Christmas presents for the kids in Corbesti (Gypsy neighborhood where we work work weekly). A total of 52 gifts where delivered and 52 smiles and hugs received back. Sharing God is not only words but actions too.

Alejandro has take under his "wing" 5 teenagers boys (roma/gypsy) to disciple and be a positive example. Taking them out of their village for a few hours, providing a safe atmosphere to open up and share about their struggles and feelings without feeling ashame or guilty. Preaching the gospel and teaching them to pray. The goal is to build up friendship and trust for them to be able to be disciple and grow to be a positive example for the other teenagers and kids in there neighborhood. Of course is their personal decision and responsibility is they want to be disciple and follow Christ but, we want to be that channel in which they get to learn for of Jesus.


Ukraine. I believe all of us have hear about the war in Ukraine and the many lives that sadly have been lost and how many thousands have flee the country, it is heartbreaking. Besides the many challenges they are already facing, add up that they are having in many places only 3-4 hours of electricity during the day and winter is here. This means many familiesare facing extreme temperatures. One of those facing this challenge is an Orphanage in Kiev that still operating for the many children that has been displaced. In the last week they have receive up to 20 children. from todlers till big kids. in order to make it through this winter they are in a big need of the following:

  • 2 Source of uninterrupted power supply (transformer of 500-1000 VA). 150 each.

  • 2 Electric boilers (100 L) for warm showers. 200 each.

  • 5 Convector Heather for big rooms. 152 each.

  • Blankets, warm clothing, fuel. 500.

For a total of 1960. If you would like to help us reach this goal and bless these children, you can go to our donations page of click HERE.

Please, in the description of you donation write down UKRAINE HELP.

Thanks you for taking your time and read through and thank you for your help, please feel free to share this with your friends, family, church, etc.

God bless you!

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