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Jesus Authority- Word of Encouragement

Jesus’ Authority

Last Sunday I had the honor to share the word of God with our Church, specifically the story of Matthew 8:27 and Mark 5—the demon-possessed men.

I have heard that story countless times, and I believe it to be a fantastic event and at the same time to be honest, a “really cool thing seeing Jesus casting out demons”. But as I submerge deeper in the story and prayer over the message, my heart started pounding with passion and feeling the fear of the Lord. Was not only something “cool” but something so powerful. I want to point out the most important things in the message to you. Let me explain to you.

This story began a few verses before, while the disciples and Jesus are in the boat facing this big storm that makes them fear for their life -have in mind some of these scared disciples were fishermen a profession, they had faced storms before, so this was a life treating one-. They begged Jesus to do something, so Jesus stands up and rebuke the winds and the sea and there was according to Matthew 8:26-27 …and there was a great calm.. 27 So the men marveled, saying, [b]“Who can this be, that even the winds and the sea obey Him?” (NKJV)

There are 3 points that got in my heart:

  1. They asked: Who can this be? They have been with Jesus for a while already and they have seen many miracles but, still, this question was in their hearts. Who can this be?

  2. The disciples marveled. Have in mind that being marveled is not just admiration is great admiration, astonishment, and wonder by something.

  3. There was great peace (or in other versions-completely calm-).

I will be explaining this as we get through the story.

They make it to the other side where as soon they got off the boat are encountered by these demon-possessed men, you know what happened next? They from far recognized Jesus and came up to Him saying: ‘...You, Jesus, You Son of God?...’ Matthew 8:29. I personally love how Mark 5:7 describe it: ‘....Jesus, Son of the Most High God?...’.

These demon-possessed men were answering the question that the disciples ask themselves (Point 1): ‘Who can this be? Do we know Jesus as the Son of the highest God is and His power to rule over the physical world, wind, and spiritual? Demons surely do. They didn’t come to encounter Jesus and fight him, it is actually written that they fell on their knees and cry out to Jesus!

I hope you get a sense of the authority of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

The book of Mark gives us more context and detail about what is happening. Mark registers a short conversation between Jesus and these men. Jesus asks for their name and the demons reply: we are legion for we are many. – In case you don't know, the legion was the largest, highly trained military unit of Ancient Rome, it could be somewhere between 4000 to 6000 people–.

I am not saying those men had thousands of demons, I am not sure of the number, but indeed there were many of them.

It is written in Matthew and Mark that these men were violent, no one could pass them nor subdue them. Still, this strong legion of demons run towards Jesus to bow down and begged Him to not torment them. It is crazy and breathtaking to just even picture this happening.

God spoke this to my heart: I am the God who leaves man marveled and in wonder and who even a legion of demons bow down to recognizing I am the most High God. (Point 2)

This has been such an encouragement for my faith and as well a revelation of the way I see Jesus.

Come to happen that Jesus cast them out and these men are set free and healed. I say this with full confidence: Every word coming out of God will never come back empty and it is final, as He spoke to the winds and sea and there was a great calm, He cast out demons and brought freedom. (Point 3).

I hope this can be an encouragement and revelation for your faith.

God bless you,


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